Improvements automate and leverage the cloud for application lifecycle testing.

Cloud computing in some ways eases the strain on organizations to create new applications — why develop when almost everything you need is in the cloud?

The thing is not everything is in the cloud, so app development continues — particularly mobile applications but also enabling on-premise apps to connect to cloud services.

So application lifecycle management (ALM) tools are as important as ever.

Hewlett-Packard Co. has released updated versions of several of its ALM tools to automate and leverage the cloud for application testing.

“With the acceleration of mobility as a key strategic initiative, and more customers  moving to Agile methodology to deliver faster, we’ve seen a struggle occur between trying to release (applications) faster and trying to maintaining and improving the overall quality,” explained Kelly Emo, director of product marketing for HP Software’s application development and management group.

The enhancements help dev and test teams achieve that balance by automating processes and accessing the power of the cloud for large scale testing.

The updates include

–new capabilities for the HP LoadRunner 12 and Performance Center 12 suites. Both are similar automated test and performance solutions, but LoadRunner is aimed at single project teams while PerformanceCenter is aimed at large teams.

Both can quickly set up a large scale tests using cloud services to see if an app can handle heavy global loads. The two suites allow testers to set up load generators in the cloud for performance test.

What was difficult, however, was configuring security and network and scheduling the generator, Emo said, which in some cases could take weeks.

What’s new is that provisioning process in LoadRunner 12 and Performance Center 12 has been automated down to minutes.

Also added is the ability to pull in production information from tools like Google Analytics, server log files from Microsoft IIS or Webtrends.

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