IT WORLD CANADA CURATED: Researchers have found a way to store a huge amount of information in DNA binary code in what may be a practical form

Harvard stores 70 billion books using DNA

Got a honkin’ big storage array you like to show off? Or maybe you’re touting the deal struck with a cloud provider that gives you access to unlimited disk space. Well, you’ve now been left in the dust.

Lucas Mearian of ComputerWorld U.S. reports that Harvard researchers have been able to store 70 billion copies of a book in DNA binary code. That works out to 5.5 petabits, or 1 million gigabits, per cubic millimeter in the DNA storage medium.
(DNA image from Shutterstock)
Along with the story is a video interview of two of the prime researchers.

Among the advantages: A couple of grams of DNA could store the entire inforrmation on the planet. However, it’s not quite ready yet for commercial sale.

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