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Mobile analytics solution provider Kontagent Inc. and PlayHaven, a company that provides game developers with software that help them manage player acquisition, are forming a single company geared towards helping mobile businesses better manage their apps.

Kontagen specializes in advanced mobile analytics and data solutions aimed at enabling data-driven decision making. PlayHaven creates applications that enable game developers to manage their user base with acquisition, engagement and monetization tools.

The combined solutions of the two companies is expected to reach more than 400 million active users monthly will track over 370 billion events per month, according to a joint release from Kontagent and PlayHaven. It was not announced what the new company will be called.

“The mobile market is fragmented, and creating a top application today involves dozens of SDKs and services,” said Josh Williams, CEO of Kontagent, in a statement today. He said offering an end-to-end solution that reduces complexity and helps developers act rapidly in the highly competitive environment is a big “leap forward.”

Williams will become the chief technology officer and serve as chairman of the board of directors of the new company formed by the merger. Andy Yang, CEO of PlayHaven will be the CEO of the new company. Thdey will lead a management team composed of people from Kontagent and PlayHaven. Investor in the venture include: Altos Ventures, Battery Ventures, eVentures, GGV Capital, Maverick Capital, Morgan Creek and Tandem.

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