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Achille Ettorre

Advisory Board; Master of Management Analytics, Smith School of Business at Queen's University

mapMarkerGrey Toronto, ON, Canada...

Adam Coates

Director of Silicon Valley AI Lab at Baidu

Adeo Ressi

CEO and Founder of the Founder Institute

mapMarkerGrey Toronto, ON, Canada...

Alex Bernstein

President at Canadian Institute for Advanced Research

Ali Punjani

Co-Founder & CEO at Structura Biotechnology

Altay Aksulu, PhD

Business Analytics Researcher & Practitioner

Amy Smith

VP of Partnerships at Techstars

Anne McNulty

Director of Legal Knowledge Engineering at Kira Systems

mapMarkerGrey Toronto, ON, Canada...

Anthony Lacavera

Founder and Chairman at Globalive Holdings

Aran Hamilton

President & Cofounder at Vantage

Brendan Stennett

Co-Founder & CTO of ThinkData Works

Carlor Growth Strategies

Business Transformation

mapMarkerGrey 485 BROOKDALE AVENUE...

Caroline Pelletier

Vice President - Project Selection at Anges Quebec

Corey Gross

CEO at Sensibill

mapMarkerGrey Toronto, ON, Canada...

Craig Nevill-Manning

Head of Engineering at Sidewalk Labs

Dan Mathers

Senior Investment Director at MaRS IAF

David Brown

Founder and co-CEO at Techstars

Deborah Dubenofsky

Vice President: Finance and Administration at Wilfrid Laurier University

Dong Yu

Deputy Director of AI Lab at Tencent

Eli Fathi

CEO at MindBridge Analytics Inc

Evan W. Steeg, PhD

AI/ML Researcher, Inventor, Entrepreneur and Innovation Advisor

Francis Jeanson

Data Science and AI Entrepreneur | Founder & CEO at IAMOPEN

mapMarkerGrey 156 Augusta Ave., Toronto, Ont...

Francois Gilbert

Président directeur général at Anges Québec

Giri Amarakone

Co-Founder & CEO at DeepPiXEL

mapMarkerGrey Toronto, ON, Canada...

Glenn Gore

Chief Architect at Amazon Web Services

Hua Wu

Technical Chief of NLP Group at Baidu

Humera Malik

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jason Cassidy

Founder & CEO at Shiny Docs

mapMarkerGrey Kitchener, ON, Canada...

Jeff Brunet

Co-Founder & President at Wysdom AI

Jing Wang

Senior Vice President of Engineering at Baidu

Jingren Zhou

Chief Scientist and Vice President of Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba

Jodie Wallis

Managing Director, Artificial Intelligence at Accenture

mapMarkerGrey Toronto, ON...

John Colthart

Vice President of Growth at MindBridge Analytics Inc

John Ruffolo

Chief Executive Officer, OMERS Ventures

Jordan Jacobs

Co-CEO, Business & Co-Founder at Layer 6 AI

mapMarkerGrey Toronto, ON, Canada...

Justin LaFayette

Managing Partner, Georgian Partners

Kai Yu

Founder & CEO at Horizon Robotics


Co-Founder of Sinovation Ventures, Former President of Google China

Kun Jing

General Manager of Duer, Baidu

Lana Novikova

Founder & CEO at Heartbeat AI Technologies Inc.

mapMarkerGrey Toronto...

Marcus Brubaker

Co-Founder at Structura Biotechnology

Outdoor Covers Canada

Weatherproof Covers - Outdoor Covers Canada

mapMarkerGrey Queen Street, Mississauga, ON,...

Paul Blamire

Vice President, Client Experience at Atomic Reach

Qi Lu

Group President & COO, Baidu

Ray Sharma

Founder @ Managing Director at Extreme Innovations

Richard Kruegar

Co-Founder & CTO at Iota Security

Robin Grosset

CTO at MindBridge Analytics Inc

Roy Pereira

CEO at Zoom.ai

mapMarkerGrey Toronto, ON, Canada...

Sarah Sun

Chief Data Strategist at Goldspot Discoveries Inc.

mapMarkerGrey Toronto, ON, Canada...

Seamus Hatch

Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Algocian

Ted Graham

Head of Open Innovation at GM

mapMarkerGrey Toronto, ON, Canada...

Terry Stuart

Chief Innovation Officer at Deloitte Canada

mapMarkerGrey Bay Adelaide East 8 Adelaide S...

Tiffany Linke-Boyko

Chief Executive Officer at Startup Edmonton

Tomi Poutanen

Co-CEO, Technology at Layer 6 AI

mapMarkerGrey Toronto, ON, Canada...

Tong Zhang

Executive Director of AI Lab, Tencent

Wanli Min

Principal Data Scientist, Alibaba

Wei Xu

Distinguished Scientist, Baidu

Wendy Ha

Vice President, Finance at Angoss Software

Yaron Vorona

Co-Founder @ CEO at Yaron Vorona