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Alibaba Group


mapMarkerGrey 969 West Wen Yi Road Yu Hang D...

An Jiang

CEO at Smartereye | PhD - Computer Application

mapMarkerGrey Room 3039-3044, Sihui Building...

An Yan

Co-Founder/CTO | PhD - Computers

mapMarkerGrey Z Space, No. 556 Xixi Road, Ha...


Making a complex world simpler through technology

mapMarkerGrey 10 Shangdi 10th St, Haidian, B...

Baining Guo

Deputy Managing Director at Microsoft Asia Research | PhD and MS in Computer Science

Benyu Zhang

CEO of CloudBrain | Master Degree in Computer

mapMarkerGrey 2nd Floor, Block C, 56 Waizhi...
mapMarkerGrey Building NO.7, BGI Park, No.21...

Bin Chen

CEO at Yunding Technology | Master Degree Electronic Engineering

Bo Zhang

Professor of Computer Science and Technology at Tsinghua University

mapMarkerGrey 11th Floor, Block D, Zhizhen B...

Chen Tianshi

CEO & Founder at Cambricon Technologies | PhD in Computer Science

mapMarkerGrey Beijing, China...

Cheng Li

CTO of Ant Financial | Masters in Computer Science

mapMarkerGrey Z Space, No. 556 Xixi Road, Ha...

Chunyuan Liao

CEO at HiScene | PhD - Computer Science


Data Processing & Outsourced Services

mapMarkerGrey Guangfulin Rd, Songjiang Qu, S...

Deliang Wang

Chief Scientist at Elevoc Technology Co., Ltd.

Dong Yu

Deputy Director of AI Lab at Tencent

Donghui Zhan

Founder/CEO/ Bachelor of Electrical Science and Engineering

Feng Zhao

CTO and VP at Haier | PhD Computer Science

Gang Li

Co-Founder/Technique Supervisor | Bachelor in Computer

GJS robot

Providing fighting robot(for entertainment)

mapMarkerGrey Qianwan 1st Rd, Nanshan Distri...

Hao Che

CTO at Jiyuanxian | Automation Research

Hongbin Zha

Professor of Machine Learning at Peking University

Hongbo Xiao

Co-Founder and CEO at Senscape

mapMarkerGrey 5F Overseas Students Pioneer P...

Hua Wu

Technical Chief of NLP Group at Baidu

mapMarkerGrey Shahe Industrial Zone,No.4018 ...
mapMarkerGrey National Intelligent Speech Hi...


Increase your performance with smart technology

mapMarkerGrey Guangzhou, Guangdong, China...

Inspur Electronic Information Industry C

Integrate Cloud Computing And AI Total Solutions in Your Business

mapMarkerGrey 1036 Langchao Rd., Jinan, Shan...

Jiaen Liang

Co-Founder and Chairman at Unisound | PhD Automation

mapMarkerGrey 12th Floor, Guanjie Building, ...

Jie Chen

Founder & CEO at Boyun Vision | Ph.D. in Computer Application Technology

mapMarkerGrey Room 303, Unnamed R&D Building...

Jing Wang

Senior Vice President of Engineering at Baidu

Jingren Zhou

Chief Scientist and Vice President of Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba

Jingwen Dai

Co-founder & CTO at Ximmerse | Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Field Of Study - Computer Vision

Kai Yu

Founder & CEO at Horizon Robotics

Kai-Fu Lee

Chairman and CEO of Sinovation Ventures | Ph.D. Computer Science

mapMarkerGrey Haidian District, Beijing, Chi...

Kewei Wu

CEO | Masters in Information System

Kun Jing

General Manager of Duer, Baidu

Kun Zhen

Researcher at Taobao | PhD - Computers

Lei Ma

Founder and CEO of Atman Technology| Master Degree in Computers

Liangyi Zhang

Board of Chairman at Sinovoice | Environment Engineering

Linsen Bai

CEO and Founder | PhD in Electric and Computer Engineering


Let creation be a way of life.

mapMarkerGrey Xueyuan Avenue, Nanshan, Shenz...

Ni Wang

Co-founder & CTO Quartgroup, PHD Statistics

Peng Ding

CTO at DeepCare/PhD Engineering Science

mapMarkerGrey North Fourth Ring Road, Haidia...

Qi Lu

Group President & COO, Baidu

Qingfeng Liu

Chairman of iFlytek | PhD in Research, Signal and Information Processing

mapMarkerGrey National Intelligent Speech Hi...

Rui Tang

CEO at ZongMu Technology | Bachelor Electronic Engineering

mapMarkerGrey 5F, Block B, Science and Techn...

Shiguang Shan

Chairman/CTO Beijing Seetatech Technology Co.,Ltd | PhD Computers

mapMarkerGrey Room 1815, Yingu Building, No....

Shiliang Pu

Research and Development Director at Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co.

mapMarkerGrey No.555 Qianmo Road, Binjiang ...

Shiting Yang

Chief - Founder | PhD - Biomedical Engineering


Everyone has unique DNA Perceive the world and grow Draw your own singular blueprint with your DNA

mapMarkerGrey No. 1978, 19th Floor, 73 Fuch...
mapMarkerGrey Room 01, 9th Floor, Sohu Netwo...

Song Yao

CEO of DeePhi Technology | Bachelor Electronic Engineering

mapMarkerGrey 7F West Building D,Tsinghua To...
mapMarkerGrey 6 Floor, No.49 Sigma Building,...

Tong Zhang

Executive Director of AI Lab, Tencent

Wanli Min

Principal Data Scientist, Alibaba

Wei Li

President and Professor of Computer Science at Beihang University

Wei Xu

Distinguished Scientist, Baidu

Xiangfei Chai

CEO at Huiying (Beijing) Technology Inc.

mapMarkerGrey Beijing, China...

Xiaoqing Huang

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, CloudMinds Technologies Co., Ltd. | M.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

mapMarkerGrey Room 1506, Unit C, Wangjing SO...

Xiaowen Hong

Dean at Microsoft Asia Research | PhD in Researcher, Computer

Yu Wang

CTO | Bachelor Electronic Engineering

Yuan (Alan) Qi

Vice President and Chief Data Scientist at Ant Financial | PhD

mapMarkerGrey Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China...

Yun Luo

CTO at Extreme Vision | Computer Researcher

Yunji Chen

Professor at Institute of Computing Technology at Chinese Academy of Sciences

Zhenhua Cai

Co-Founder/PhD Intelligent Science and Technology