A 24-hour Artificial intelligence companion dedicated to you

As the only artificial intelligence company with language, image and voice triple human-computer interaction technology and "multimodal emotion recognition technology", Emotibot aims to build an Artificial Intelligence companion that can read, see, listen, remember, self-learn, and actually understand your emotion, as well as understanding the affective states, emotions and intentions of the speaker like real human beings do. Understanding human affective states and emotions is a complex science, and also a huge technical challenge. Human emotions are so complex: the emotional and literal meaning of the speaker, the emotions perceived by the hearer, and then with what kind of emotion to reply. Emotibot is trying to reveal the secrets of this complex interaction through Artificial Intelligence. Only this way, AI can communicate with people in the most natural way.

Emotibot is also trying to make emotional artificial intelligence more "useful". Through automatic learning of user preferences and habits, Emotibot’s AI bots have been able to provide users over 30 functions and services including travel planning, hotel reservations. They also support fast access to mobile phones, App, websites, IoT, intelligent devices and other terminals, in order to more closely connect people with the world.

Additional Details

  • Weibo-URL:https://weibo.com/emotibot?refer_flag=1001030102_&is_hot=1
  • Estimated Annual Revenue (USD):$0-$1M
  • Industry (old): IT Consulting & Other Services
  • Corporation Status: Private
  • Number of Employees: 250-500
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  • Company Definition: Mid Market
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