Cambrian is the forerunner of the global smart chip field, the purpose is to create a variety of intelligent cloud servers, intelligent terminals and intelligent robot core processor chips. Professor Chen Tianshi, the founder and CEO of the company, has been deeply involved in the field of processor architecture and artificial intelligence for more than ten years. He is an outstanding young scientist with high reputation at home and abroad. He has won the National Natural Science Foundation of China, “Youqing” and CCF-Intel. Young Scholar Award, China Computer Society Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award and other honors. 

The backbone members of the team are all graduated from top universities in China. They have rich experience in chip design and development and experience in artificial intelligence research. The average time for research and development in related fields has been more than nine years. 

Cambrian is the world's first smart chip company to successfully streamline and have mature products, with two product lines of terminal and server. Launched in 2016, the Cambrian 1A processor (Cambricon-1A) is the world's first commercial deep learning dedicated processor for smartphones, wearables, drones and smart driving. The algorithm has a performance-to-power ratio that surpasses the CPU and GPU. It is also selected as one of the fifteen “World Internet Leaders” selected by the 3rd World Internet Conference with outstanding representatives of Tesla Enhanced Auto Assisted Driving and IBM Watson. Technological Achievements". In the era of artificial intelligence outbreaks, the Cambrian will continue to work to make machines better understand and serve humans, using chips to support artificial intelligence to bring about new changes in the traditional industry. The Cambrian will adhere to the open and win-win attitude and build a new intelligent ecosystem with many partners around the world.

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  • Estimated Annual Revenue (USD):$0-$1M
  • Industry (old): Semiconductors
  • Corporation Status: Private
  • Number of Employees: 250-500
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  • Company Definition: Mid Market