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Unstructured data: How to turn the risks into rewards

The volume of unstructured data is exploding, and so are the associated security risks, says on..

Canadian ‘godfathers of AI’ win 2018 Turing Award

Two of Canada’s artificial intelligence (AI) pioneers have won the 2018 Association for C..

University of Toronto to build new AI innovation centre with $100 million ‘largest donation ever’

Philanthropists Gerald Schwartz and Heather Reisman have made a $100 million donation to the Un..

SAS announces $1 billion investment in AI over 3 years

Cary, N.C.-based SAS Institute Inc. announced on Monday it plans to invest $1 billion in artifi..

Not spending on AI yet? Don’t worry, you probably will

Worldwide spending on AI systems will nearly double this year compared to 2018...

Cisco injects $15M into Western Canada

Cisco Canada is showing Canada’s West Coast some love, announcing a $15 million investment th..

RSA Conference 2019 keynotes: Protect trust, the bad in AI and embrace OT

Opening day keynotes looked at the future of digital trust, the good and the bad in AI and how ..

BlackBerry completes acquisition of Cylance

BlackBerry has completed its largest acquisition ever...

Project Debater poses strong argument in favour of AI

SAN FRANCISCO – IBM Watson blew minds when it successfully defeated human champions on Jeopar..

IBM makes Watson available in any cloud environment, boosts hybrid cloud offerings

IBM is bolstering its hybrid cloud offerings and making its AI crown jewel available on any clo..

AI poised for a business breakthrough by delivering content smarts to workers

While Canadian CEOs understand the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), many struggle to ..

Recap of Intel’s CPU announcements at CES 2019 – 10nm Cascade Lake, Ice Lake, and Nervana AI chip

At CES 2019, Intel returned to make a slew of announcements about – you guessed it –..