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Inflection Point I An interview with AltaML’s managing director about AI’s role in shaping Calgary’s digital future

Calgary, the historical heart of the Canadian oil & gas industry, is at a once-in-an-epoch..

Landing that dream data scientist position

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Blackberry launches Digital Workplace

BlackBerry has announced the launch of Digital Workplace, a software solution that allows users..

Databricks opens major engineering centre in Toronto – why that’s a big deal for Canada

In today’s world where the competition is fierce for talent, it says a lot when your country ..

Canada’s privacy commissioner asks for input to address AI privacy concerns

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) is asking stakeholders in the industry t..

AI is transforming the oil and gas industry: Insights from one of Canada’s largest producers

Canadian Natural Resources Limited (Canadian Natural) is one of Canada’s largest oil and natu..

3 coolest gadgets at Pepcom

Check out the coolest gadgets at Pepcom!..

Deloitte’s 2020 TMT Predictions: 5G’s impact on healthcare will be significant

Expect heavy-duty AI capabilities in your pocket this year thanks to explosive growth in the 5G..

Blackberry adds Cylance to QNX, announces partnerships with AWS, Damon, and Renovo

Blackberry has merged its Cylance ML security solution into its QNX software suite for autonomo..

What Toronto is hoping to achieve with autonomous vehicles

The City of Toronto recently released and approved a plan to get the city ready for autonomous ..

Talking shower heads and toilet paper delivery bots, it’s the wackiest gadgets of CES 2020

Here’s a list of wackiest gadgets from CES 2020 that are hilarious, out of the box, useful, o..

Element AI and LG Electronics form strategic partnership to advance AI technology

LG Electronics just announced its partnership with Montreal-based Element AI at CES 2020...