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Germany shows how government should steer AI ethics

Governments are beginning to become involved in IT ethics. This is not necessarily a good thing..

Gazing out at the AI landscape

Standing on the edge of a canyon, looking across at the craggy rock wall on the opposite side o..

Adobe: Scientists made AI smart but to make it ‘human,’ you need designers

Is artificial intelligence a job killer or a job creator? When it comes to graphic design, AI i..

Discussing the future of AI in Canada at North 60

Author Jane Jacobs believed new ideas needed old buildings. So it was not surprising that Googl..

Defining and demystifying AI for the channel

Not too long ago, “AI” was little more than a film title to most people. In terms of a desc..

Cisco creates AI-based voice assistant for the enterprise

Cisco is following the voice assistant trend by releasing its own, "enterprise grade" assistant..

Conference: Connecting AI Innovation to Opportunity

As recently as 2001, with the Steven Spielberg film “AI,” artificial intelligence w..

The reports of AI killing jobs have been greatly exaggerated

Elon Musk has warned that artificial intelligence (AI) is the biggest risk we face as a civili..

Adobe believes AI can improve creative work too

LAS VEGAS – With artificial intelligence (AI) disrupting everything from customer service..

Future Adobe products could include this powerful data visualization tool

LAS VEGAS – Future Adobe products could allow users to present data in creative, eye-catc..

Adobe reveals its largest Creative Cloud update yet at Max 2017

LAS VEGAS – Adobe Systems Inc. is making it easier than ever for both graphic designers a..