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Learn how to put smart to work at the 2018 IBM Innovation Forum

When you look at the technology that’s coming into its own — AI and blockchain, machine..

Amazon says Canadian French language support is ‘coming soon’

Alexa is yet to speak Canadian French, but Amazon promises its coming later this year. For smar..

Keeping ethics in artificial intelligence

As artificial intelligence (AI) develops and its uses continue to grow, there’s still the dis..

Not in stealth mode: Q&A with Google Cloud CTO Brian Stevens

An interview covers Google Cloud's scale-up plans in Canada, its strategy to grow its reach, an..

Making cities smarter with AI

Gartner predicts that 20 per cent of all citizens in developed nations will use AI assistants t..

Vector Institute for AI to get a new home in U of T ‘innovation centre’

Taking yet another step into the technology industry, the University of Toronto (U of T) recent..

TD Bank creates AI-powered Spotify playlist to win contest

Layer 6, a Toronto-based AI firm owned by TD Bank Group,  has won the international Associatio..

It may be time to assess your data center’s evolution

In a world of augmented and virtual realities, driverless vehicles, rising demand among users f..

Diane Greene focuses on Google Cloud strengths as it plays catch-up

Google painted a picture of success at its Next keynote, but has it really gained ground compar..

Google Cloud Next: Google’s AI is ready for businesses to train

Google is making it easier for businesses to train its most advanced AI algorithms on specific ..

AI successfully debates humans – thanks to IBM technology

IBM held a public demonstration successfully pitting its artificial intelligence technology, du..

Canada’s ICT sector falling behind: government report

Canada's government is concerned that the ICT Sector is falling behind other nations, a report ..