Stratuscent is a vertical AI startup from Montreal that is building an chemical sensing platform which seamlessly integrates the power of novel AI algorithms, material innovations and robust additive manufacturing technologies. Stratuscent’s AI driven chemical sensor can identify and quantify the ubiquitous mix of chemicals that make up our environment.

Today’s smart gadgets have the ability to sense in almost every way that we do – sight, speech, sound, and even touch – but still can’t understand the myriad chemicals that make up our world.  Unlocking this fifth sense holds enormous practical applications, yet no one has succeeded in achieving its potential.

The problem is that chemical sensors are impacted by cross-sensitivity to the multitude of background chemicals in real-world environments, causing them either to fail or to give false alarms.  Unfortunately, any new technologies that have attempted to address this issue have been expensive and impractical.

Stratuscent’s solution is different. We’ve leveraged pioneering advances in: Cloud-Based Deep Learning, IoT Connectivity, Scalable Additive Printing.

By combining NASA-patented nanocomposite sensing technology with Stratuscent’s proprietary machine learning algorithms, our AI-driven CUMULUS sensor does what no other chemical sensor can: accurately identify – in real-time – an unlimited number of chemicals in real-world environments.

Because of this, our solution is orders of magnitude smaller, cheaper, and more energy efficient than what is available on the market today. It is a game-changer technology that continually evolves and improves with use, and will allow chemical sensors to become as ubiquitous as camera sensors are today.

Additional Details

  • Company Definition: Small Business
  • Number of Employees:2-10 employees
  • Corporation Status: Private

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