About Korah and Its Solution Offerings

At Korah, a complete turnkey solution is used to automate conversational workflow processes and assist in the digital transformation journey. The solution, ccRobot, is a platform designed to enable the creation and customization of an AI and ML powered chatbot to fit the needs of any organization (industry independent). This will then be used to automate simple and repetitive workflows to drive operational efficiency and digital transformation by offloading lower-level tasks and increasing worker productivity.

More specifically, ccRobot is extremely easy to use as it is designed for business users and does not require a programmer. This means, anyone with sufficient subject matter knowledge can build, manage and deploy their own bot. Furthermore, with ccRobot's AI capabilities, it learns on-the-job through application of knowledge; the more its knowledgebase is exercised, the more the knowledgebase is enhanced. In addition, if ccRobot cannot answer a chat, it will dispatch the chat to a more capable live agent. Thus, leading to nimble and fail-safe operations. Because of this, potential risks are little to none as the knowledgebase can be modified within minutes and misunderstood chats can be escalated to a live agent for higher-level assistance.

Additionally, leveraging ccRobot’s capabilities, businesses will be able to reap the rewards of digital transformation and automation. According to the 80/20 rule, 80% of the workload is derived from 20% of the most frequently asked questions. As a result, by implementing ccRobot, organizations can automate up to 80% of queries. Furthermore, ccRobot can be used to automate any workflow, internally or externally, with the necessary knowledgebase. By utilizing automation, corporations can get back to focusing on reaching their business goals.

Lastly, ccRobot is supported by a team of highly experienced and capable developers who can provide assistance (professional IT services) throughout the bot implementation journey.

Adjusting to the "New Normal" with ccRobot

To help combat COVID-19, Korah has leveraged its ccRobot solution to promote and encourage social distancing to assist businesses and communities adjust to the new normal. Presently, Korah is actively implementing 3 initiatives to support small local businesses during these unprecedented times.

  • The first initiative involves automating disease tracking and patient monitoring processes to flatten the curve and has secured funding to be tested and validated by a federal government department/agency.
  • The second initiative involves helping businesses by simplifying the navigation of government web pages to identify the relevant information of a business, and has been selected to develop a prototype to showcase the proposed solution.
  • The third initiative is powering SafeVisitZone, a platform that fills the waiting room gap caused by new social distancing protocols and assists businesses adjust to limited waiting room capacities and physical interactions with clients.

As the world adapts to a “new normal” under the pandemic, Korah continues the work to identify, partner with, and launch new digital solutions to help communities adjust to the effects of COVID-19.

Learn more at http://www.korahlimited.com, http://www.ccrobot.ai/, and https://safevisitzone.com/.