Indellient, a Top Canadian ICT and Profit500 company, empowers businesses to meet and exceed their critical business and technology objectives. From SMBs to the Fortune 100, companies rely on us to deliver evidence, clarity and confidence day in and day out – and we can help you get there, one step at a time.

Data and Analytics Services 

As part of our data and analytics services, we help you derive actionable insights from multiple, large data sets with advanced data and analysis methodologies, innovative storytelling visualization techniques, and technology partners who maximize value. Whether it’s determining strategic actions, improving business performance, enhancing customer experience, measuring marketing effectiveness or simply finding better ways to reach your goals, we have the tools and expertise to get you there.

AI/Cognitive Project Experience

Indellient has executed a number of cognitive projects, providing the software and data engineering skills needed to design, implement and operate complicated systems at enterprise scale. Some of these client projects include:

  1. a cognitive recommendation engine that analyzes a customer's buying pattern and external factors like competitor products to properly match targeted offering
  2. price optimization algorithms to help sales teams calculate expected win rates and profitability based on discount rates, thereby helping to increase sales
  3. inappropriate behavior detection in business partner activities and employee expenses using statistics, behavioral models and machine learning to minimize risk
  4. a natural language processing and sentiment analysis solution that scans online sources to extract how customers feel about the client’s products and their competitors

Additional Details

  • Company Definition: Mid Market
  • Number of Employees: 50-99
  • Corporation Status: Private
  • Industry: IT Consulting & Other Services
  • Estimated Annual Revenue (USD): $1M-$10M

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