Takagi learns and uses artificial intelligence to achieve personalized teaching and learning for teachers and students in primary and secondary schools.

Takagi Learning is a technology company dedicated to "using artificial intelligence to enhance education upgrades". It brings together top engineers from Britain's Imperial College, Columbia University, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University, and nearly 100 national first-line engineers. The education expert research team, through the intensive cultivation of technology and teaching and research, builds an “educator-centered” education model, realizes “teaching students in accordance with their aptitude” and promotes education equity! With the artificial intelligence track already hot and numerous educational companies entering the arena, Takagi Learning, as the pioneer of the “AI gene” since its inception, faced the menacing of latecomers and still lived up to the expectations and its comprehensive strength. And the value of the product is evident. Takagi AI Tutor, a "more than you knows you," builds a combination of group learning behavior data mining algorithms, optimal learning path planning algorithms, smart tag algorithms, and knowledge map evolution algorithms that combine systemic and personalization. To provide students with a scientific and accurate education program to meet the needs of students' differentiating needs, and to stimulate students' learning efficiency while stimulating the internal driving force of independent learning. Particularly worth mentioning is that Takagi AI Tutor can also achieve continuous self-evolution, as long as the amount of data is greater, Takagi learning AI Tutor can quickly grow at a rate of several hundred times.

Additional Details

  • Weibo-URL:https://weibo.com/gaomuxuexi?refer_flag=1001030101_
  • Estimated Annual Revenue (USD):$0-$1M
  • Industry (old): Education Services
  • Corporation Status: Private
  • Number of Employees: 50-99
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  • Company Definition: Small Business
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