Cogilex is a technology innovation company that specializes in the research and development of intelligent semantic technology for real-world applications such as search engines, automated text analysis, and information extraction systems. Our goal is to create technology that can truly understand textual information and transform massive, unstructured information into functional knowledge that can effectively support users’ learning, performance, and decision making in specific areas. Through a solid research program and deep expertise in the field, Cogilex has provided customized tools and services to its industrial partners worldwide.

For the past several years, Cogilex has dedicated itself to the research and development of an innovative cognitive-base semantic search engine named Seenso, through which Cogilex has brought NLP technology to an unprecedented level of efficacy in unstructured text analysis.

Cogilex creates its cutting-edge search technology by drawing upon the scientific advancement in several related fields such as cognitive science, computational linguistics, instructional science, human performance technology, human-computer interaction, and software engineering. Through such a multi-disciplinary approach, Cogilex’s semantic search technology can identify the meaningful content of webpages, measure their relevance to users’ goals and tasks in specific context, and identify and provide information that is central to users’ needs. This cognitive-based, domain-specific semantic approach is fundamentally different from the existing search engines that rank the webpage relevance primarily based on the referred URL’s popularity, meta tags, or keyword frequency.

Additional Details

  • Company Definition: Small Business
  • Number of Employees:2-10 employees
  • Corporation Status: Private

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