BrandFort ( trained their Artificial Intelligence for understanding comments like a human does. BrandFort does not simply focus on certain keywords. No, BrandFort focuses on the meaning of a sentence and assess the sentiment of it. Based on this approach, BrandFort is able to detect sentences with a negative sentiment and complains in a efficient and effective manner.


The same technology is used by BrandFort for detecting spam, profanity and hate. But, the big selling point of the software is to detect complains and negative sentiment in a very precise way. This is important if you are selling a product (or yourself) on your Social Media presence.


Think about a comment like this one: "Oh my god, your product is so overpriced!"


Normal content moderation, which is focused on detecting spam and profanity, will not hide such a comment. However, let's be honest, as a proud business owner, you do not want such a comment on your Facebook or Instagram page.


BrandFort will detect such comments and hide it from your page. The smart thing, BrandFort will hide such a negative comment, but the commentator will not notice it.


The commentator will see their comment on your Instagram page. But no one else will. Take your time responding to it and win the hater over. You can react to the negative comment in peace, but at the same time, you know it's not negatively impacting your brand reputation.


BrandFort protects your brand 24/7, 365 days a year!

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  • Company Definition: Small Business
  • Number of Employees:1-9
  • Corporation Status: Private
  • Estimated Annual Revenue (USD):$0-$1M
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  • Industry: State/Local Government

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