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Intel explains how Canada fits into its data-centric future

Intel's fast-growing new business line sees Canada playing an important role in several ways...

AI-powered CAA roadside assistance will be dispatched before you break down

CAA has developed its own machine learning algorithm in a bid to improve wait times for drivers..

‘Hey Hendrix, join the conference call’ – the AI bot from Edmonton

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How IBM’s new bias detection software has already helped companies

IBM has introduced new artificial intelligence (AI) software to help businesses detect bias in ..

Canadian firms care more about AI ethics than U.S.: SAS survey

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Could digital secretary ‘Amelia’ be the future face of Government of Canada’s AI services?

The Government of Canada is looking to create a list of pre-qualified suppliers for AI services..

Google services generated as much as $18 billion in Canadian economy last year: Deloitte

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Gartner’s 5 major tech trends that blur the line between man and machine

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