Tangerine cloud banking pops up in unexpected location


    Tangerine, is a leader in online banking. Years and years ago when it was still known as ING Canada, the company was already offering customers banking services in the cloud – even before it was fashionable to use the term cloud.

    The company operated several lounge-type locations called  ING Direct Cafes for its face-to-face contact with customers, but much of the transactions were carried out online or via ATMs.

    That’s why it was a surprise when a big orange cargo container with the Tangerine brand splashed on its side appeared in the parking lot of the Centerpoint Mall in North York popped up early this year.

    It’s the Tangerine Mobile Pop-up, according Charaka Kithulegpda, CIO of Tangerine. It’s part of the banks new campaign to provide a “bricks-and-mortar” feel for would-be customers who are not yet familiar with Tangerine.

    The Mobile Pop-up is being rolled out along with Tangerine’s new Sign Me Up mobile app that allows bank personnel to rapidly identify a potential customer by simply taking a photo of their driver’s license or passport. The iPad-based technology allows a customer to open up an account with Tangerine in about 10 minutes.