Samsung Galaxy Note 8 First Look – Unboxing for Business


    Samsung is trying again with the Galaxy Note 8, and with an upgraded stylus and two rear cameras, it’s hoping you give the Note brand another chance.

    This time on Unboxing for Business – Samsung is playing it safe with the Galaxy Note 8. On the surface it isn’t too different than the Galaxy S8 plus. It’s got a slightly larger display that’s flatter so that it is easier to write on, and it’s guts are largely comparable. But, playing it safe is exactly what Samsung needed to do – no Galaxy S8 batteries have burst into flame or exploded, and the company is looking to replicate that disaster-less launch with the Note 8 to get back into the good graces of its customers.

    Check out our first look at the device above, and stay tuned for our review on All Hands on Tech.

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