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Worm spreading via infected USB keys, Microsoft warns

Dubbed Rasberry Robin, it uses a malicious .LNK file

New worms part of larger cybermalware campaign

Kaspersky Lab researchers believe there's some evidence of a connection between the Stuxnet and Duqu worms, suggesting they were created by a single team

Cyber jihad group linked to ‘Here you have’ worm

SecureWorks Inc. says the worm, which causes users

‘Here you have’ e-mail worm spreads quickly

If you get a message from a colleague with

Stuxnet industrial worm was written over a year ago

Stuxnet, which targets supervisory control and data acquisition systems made by Siemens AG, was created as early as June, 2009, according to Symantec Corp. researchers. Some claim the malware creators stole encryption keys made by Realtek Semiconductor Corp. and JMicron Technology Corp.

Iran was prime target of SCADA worm

The Stuxnet worm affecting supervisory control and data acquisition systems made by Siemens AG may have been spreading since as early as January. Symantec Corp. says most systems affected by the worm are in Iran

Siemens: Removing SCADA worm may harm plants

German manufacturer Siemens AG warned users that removing the Stuxnet worm discovered last week could affect industrial operations. The malicious software is written for supervisory control and data acquisition systems.

After worm, Siemens says don’t change passwords

Although a newly discovered worm could allow criminals to break into Siemens AGs industrial automation systems using a default password, Siemens is telling customers to leave their passwords...

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