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Backdoor is being installed in Microsoft’s IIS web server, warn Kaspersky researchers

Dubbed SessionManager, it is believed to have been deployed since early 2021

Canadian firms not rushing to leave Windows Server 2003

Approximately 70 per cent or large firms and 60 per cent of medium sized firms in the country still have some instances of WS 2003 installed, says IDC

Common sense will protect against Gumblar: Analyst

Lost in the headlines of the new Gumblar attack and its astronomical growth is that malware is easily preventable with updated security software and some sensible patching. Find out what you should be doing to protect your company from the Web

Why developers need to rethink the ‘While’ loop

More and more software is being pushed to Web servers, a

Online advertisers attacked by hackers

Web surfers could download malicious code from hacked banner ads, even if they are posted to legitimate sites. How the hacking gang uses JavaScript

Web servers still doling out ‘Scob’ code

More than 100 Web servers are still distributing the "Scob" malicious code, first identified two weeks ago as code used in a widespread attack to plant Trojan horse programs on vulnerable computers, according to one computer security company. That attack used compromised Microsoft Corp. Internet Information Services (IIS) Web servers to distribute the Trojan horse programs.

Speedy returns are Google’s goal

While few Web sites can handle an average of 200 million queries and a billion HTTP requests per day, Google Inc. has done it for years. But the search engine leader wanted to do it better.

ISS warns of coordinated attack

An international hacking contest scheduled to begin this weekend could cause headaches for organizations worldwide and disrupt the Internet, according to a warning from Internet Security Systems Inc. (ISS).

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