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Aug. 23, 2017 – Elon Musk wants to ban killer robots, Google Assistant-powered headphones

Elon Musk continues to lead the charge against potential killer robots, is Google planning on releasing Google Assistant-powered headphones? And IBM teams up with a large group of grocers to bring blockchain to grocery stores.

Product servicing the new green business model

Expect a shift from manufacturing to product servicing as vendors entertain the entire lifecycle in an increasingly green world, said a professor with Schulich School of Business. How Nokia is changing its business to adapt. WITH VIDEO

Does your company buy from polluters?

Forrester Research examines the problems of determining the carbon footprint of companies

Dell gets closer to retail deal in Asia

Dell Inc. is working on plans to sell PCs through retail stores in Asia and Australia, as part of a wider shift within the company away from using only direct sales.

Wal-Mart launches online movie store with HP technology

Joining a growing list of digital video download service providers Wal-Mart Stores has launched an online movie store. The new offering is built on HP Video Merchant Services, a Web-shopping technology.

An RFID warning shot

Radio frequency identification is a part of the present and may well be a major part of our future. This situation is, at best, a mixed bag. It would not be quite so bad if vendors of RFID products and companies that say they want to use them better understood security and privacy.

Experts debate RFID benefits, challenges

Procter & Gamble Co., for one, say it's using the small, antenna-equipped computer chips that can be integrated into paper or plastic labels to better track inventory and even gauge customer reaction to various products.

RFID and privacy: Debate heating up in Washington

Privacy advocates and some lawmakers are pushing a debate over potential privacy abuses from the growing use of radio frequency identification chips as huge retailers such as Wal-Mart Stores Inc. move toward large-scale use of the technology.

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