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Unboxing for Business – Amazon DeepRacer AI training car

At AWS Re:Invent in Las Vegas, developers are learning how to train reinforcement machine learning models by teaching autonomous toy cars to speed around...

Unboxing for Business: Ikea Eneby

We take a look at the Ikea Eneby, the company's first Bluetooth connected speaker

Google brings Android to its new Chromebook, the Pixelbook – Unboxing for Business

Google is back in the Chromebook realm with the Pixelbook, and it's bringing Android apps along for the ride.

First look at Windows Mixed Reality Devices – Unboxing for Business

This time on Unboxing for Business we take a look at what Microsoft is doing with its array of Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Plus, we speak with Amol Shah, Microsoft Canada's consumer PC division leader, for a deep dive into what this new strategy for augmented reality and virtual reality means for the tech giant. 

Google Home Mini – Unboxing for Business

Google’s mighty smart assistant just got a bit smaller.

Sony Xperia XZ1 & XZ1 Compact First Look – Unboxing for Business

Sony is sticking to what it does best with the Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact. The company continues to double down on the Xperia’s camera, but that’s not all - both smartphones will also release with the newest Android update - Android Oreo.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 First Look – Unboxing for Business

Samsung is trying again with the Galaxy Note 8, and with an upgraded stylus and two rear cameras, it's hoping you give the Note brand another chance.

Taking a look at ViewSonic’s smartboard for the boardroom – Unboxing for Business

It's 2017 and it's time to modernize your boardroom and upgrade your boardroom TV and whiteboard to a smartboard.

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