Articles Related to tracking

Apple’s anti-tracking capability praised by Canadian expert

With the release of iOS 1.45 app developers have to give users the option of not being tracked across third-party applications and websites

Wi-Fi fingerprinting method could be used to track individuals

A security researcher at RSA demonstrated how Wi-Fi devices can be tracked based on RFID signals.

Bloor Street bike lane tracking project seeing positive early results

Miovision Technologies, a Kitchener, Ont.-based traffic data collection and signals company, partnered with the city of Toronto in August to develop a more complete street infrastructure by tracking bike lane traffic – as well as vehicular drivers and pedestrians – on the new Bloor Street bike lanes.

Absolute Software hypes

The Vancouver-based company is integrating the new feature into its asset management software. The technology will automatically reinstall a tracking agent into a laptop if it is removed or tampered with

IRS, DOJ use social media sites to track deadbeats

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has obtained documents showing how U.S. law enforcement agencies and the Internal Revenue Service are gathering information from social networking sites for their investigations.

DNS plays role in Craigslist killer case

The CEO of DNSstuff claims Interpol and the FBI have used his company

IT Heroes: The T.O. cop who called on Bill Gates

In 2001, Paul Gillespie was a Toronto police officer working on tracking child exploitation on the Internet. His project with Microsoft has since created a model for other law enforcement agencies to follow

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