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Layoffs and recession fears in the tech sector affecting employee morale

In recent months Canadian-based technology companies have downsized, trimming large portions of their staff.  At the end of July, e-commerce company Shopify laid off 10...

What Organizations Can Do To Keep Young Tech Workers

According to PwC’s third annual Hopes & Fears Survey, 44 per cent of tech workers plan to ask for a pay raise next year, highlighting the position that wage increases will continue to have a big impact on how companies can retain young workers.

Tech Workers Resignations Spiraling Out of Control

A survey of 1,200 technology and IT workers in the U.S. conducted by training platform TalentLMS and recruitment software provider Workable found that nearly three-quarters of IT workers said they planned to quit by next year.

These are the 5 Canadian cities where IT firms compete the most for new workers

It's a highly competitive tech sector -- and here are the Canadian cities where you are most likely to find a job, according to a recent report

Age bias in IT: The truth behind the rumours

Their salaries might stagnate. They might have few or no opportunities for advancement. They might not be included in training and professional development programs. Why longevity has its downside

Will your IT job survive the meltdown?

More immediate layoffs may come out of the IT management layer, but experts warn that once firms determine their needs at spike in rank and file job cuts might soon follow...


U.S. IT workers are needed and encouraged to take jobs in Canada, said Keith Parsonage, director general of Industry Canada's Information and Communications Technologies branch. In a recent interview with Computerworld's Patrick Thibodeau, Parsonage discussed the opportunities and lifestyle that await IT workers in Canada.

Protectionism hits the outsourcing industry

Outsourcing of IT services and back-end business processes to low-cost countries like India, the Philippines and Ghana is seen as a big money-saver in corporate boardrooms in the U.S. and Europe. But laid-off workers, hit by recession, look at it differently: Offshore outsourcing is moving jobs outside their countries, and they are pushing policy-makers to put on the brakes.

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