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Privacy commissioner slaps Bell over traffic management

Agency rules that Bell could better explain what it's doing with deep packet inspection, the technology it uses to slow traffic of bandwidth hogs

Wireless, home Internet boosts telecom industry revenues

Most of the $2.1 billion increase in telecommunications revenues last year was thanks to the 11 per cent revenue growth in mobile phone and 9 per cent growth in residential high-speed Internet services, says the CRTC

RIM says UAE carrier’s Blackberry update is spyware

Etisalat's BlackBerry update was supposedly meant to improve the performance of the smartphone actually contained software that spies on user activity

After Gmail, Google wants to search your voice mail too

Google has begun testing a service that will make transcripts of voice mail messages and make them searchable.

Clearwire aims to reach 120M people in 2010

Despite the troubled U.S. economy, carrier vows to expand wireless WiMAX network to nine U.S. cities this year and add New York City and others next year

Clearwire readying game plan as LTE gains steam

With Verizon Wireless' plan to start rolling out an LTE network this year, the spotlight has turned to its U.S. competitor. Will Clearwire accelerate deployment of its mobile WiMAX-based network?

2008’s biggest IT mergers and acquisitions

This year's top 15 M&As amounted to almost US$65 billion and involved companies specializing in areas such as IT services to network hardware to wireless technology and security

Swedish regulator wants to unbundle fibre access

The goal is greater competition and lower prices, but an industry analyst warns that if the builder doesn't get much return on investment the result could lead to a slow deployment

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