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Top Canadian tech CEOs call on federal leaders to release strategies for better productivity and wealth creation

In an open letter, the Council of Canadian Innovators (CCI) called on the main leaders of Canadian federal parties to come up with effective economic strategies and policies this election in order to promote the growth of innovative domestic organizations in the country by increasing their access to strategic capital, skilled talent, and new customers in domestic and international markets.

It’s time for Canada to focus on the scale-up challenge

We need more information on why scaling up is so hard in Canada.

Starting Up and Scaling Up as a Solo IT Tech

So you’ve been charged with single-handedly building and maintaining the company’s entire IT infrastructure.  And the only thing smaller than your network closet is...

Macbooks, Red Bull, Herman Miller chairs for everyone

Social technology start-up Syncapse is looking to fill roughly 60 positions in London, New York, Portland and Toronto. Why office culture is important to the 20-something CEO and job descriptions aren

Funding for network firms drops below US$1 billion

From 2002 until 2007, quarterly venture capital investments in networking firms exceeded US$2 billion. Find out how dismal the situation is for seed-stage firms

Cloud computing drives CERN’s ‘Big Bang’ project

The Large Hadron Collider didn

Virtualization in the new data centre

Server virtualization is hotter than hot, ignited by the technology's use in creating a more compact, highly flexible and cost-efficient server infrastructure.

Revenge of the dot-coms

Starting a few years ago, we were all supposed to laugh at the dot-coms. How could anyone ever have believed, let alone invested in, their pie-in-the-sky theories and imaginary business plans? Surely, after the collapse of the Internet bubble, we would all come back to our senses, and normal patterns of business leadership would resume.

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