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IT professional careers: is being a generalist a dead end option?

Recently, I have been involved in several discussions with IT pros who were seeking employment and a common theme appeared to come up in...

Wireless IT skills most desirable, according to survey

IT skills related to wireless technology will increase the most in importance in the next five years, according to a survey of more than 3,500 IT managers in 14 countries. The finding ranks IT skills in wireless ahead of all other skills, including Web-based technologies such as Web 2.0 and security, according to the Computing Technology Industry Association in Oakbrook Terrance, Ill., which commissioned the survey.

Wireless skills and the firms that need them

Wireless technology skills were deemed most important in the health care and education sectors, ahead of retail, financial services and manufacturing

CIO soft skills: Techniques to stoke your emotional IQ

From entry-level coders to C-suite executives, few have the luxury of a lone wolf mentality. Emotional intelligence and "soft" skills are must-haves for today's CIO and other IT professionals. Research shows it's your soft skills and emotional intelligence that determines everything, from whether you get promoted to how happy you are at work. Luckily, with knowledge, awareness and practice, you can boost your EI.

Getting CHUM(MY) with content management

One of the stickiest issues in implementing a content management system (CMS) is getting end-users to actually use it. Complicated, big-bang IT projects in this area can fail miserably if this obvious point is ignored, according to some industry insiders.

Are you ready for the VoIP plunge?

There is no doubt that IP telephony is the way of the future, but the technology is still adolescent and poses a number of adoption challenges for enterprises. Here's a look at some of the key issues CIOs should be aware of. And some sound advice on determining whether your organization is ready to take the VoIP plunge.

The wrong stuff

Now that IT departments are starting to do just a little recruiting, it's time to think about how to hire the best and brightest people. Despite having had a few years when they could be really choosy, hiring managers seem to have lost sight of how to pick great employees.

PARTNERWORLD: IBM starts fund to aid displaced workers

IBM Corp. will create a US$25 million, two-year training fund to assist employees who fear their that jobs are at risk of being shipped away to lower-cost locations, company executives said Monday at IBM's PartnerWorld conference.

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