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A question of ethics in open designs

IT shops should consider the same ethical obligations they have to the public and clients as they do their designs -- and review their intentions to meet them

Five reasons why getting Windows Vista could be a good idea

Ever wondered if your decision to skip that Vista upgrade would come back to haunt you? Here are five reasons why you should've gone for the upgrade

Spyware legislation needs more work, according to experts

A bill before the U.S. Senate targeted at spyware needs some fine-tuning, with part of it seemingly allowing broadband providers and computer software and hardware vendors to scan users' computers without authorization, a couple of spyware experts said.

IBM may help businesses with cluster computing

It may be too early to talk plug-and-play but IBM Corp. believes it can help businesses of all sizes easily cluster their servers to handle intensive computing workloads.

Vista to support BPEL

Microsoft Corp. hopes to boost the adoption of BPM (business process management) applications by adding support for Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) in the workflow layer of Windows Vista, the company said Monday

Open source alliance turns spotlight on interoperability

Ten leading open-source software vendors have created a nonprofit consortium, dubbed the Open Solutions Alliance, to push the adoption of more open-source technology in the business world.

Partner strategy

The midmarket may very well be the last remaining battleground for large enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors, analysts say. However, success in this space will depend largely on how effectively ERP companies are able to forge and take advantage of new channel partnerships.

Harnessing the horsemen

A report on The Future of Enterprise Software from Forrester Research predicts modest price declines and industry growth below historical highs, with new paradigms around software architecture and delivery.

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