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Canadian consumers aren’t taking IoT security seriously enough, says ESET report

Despite rampant outbreak of cybersecurity incidents, consumers are still not taking proper steps to safeguard their internet-connected devices, concluded an ESET survey study with...

Hashtag Trending – Google is fined billions by the EU, Amazon Prime Day breaks records, Nest CEO steps down

Google is hit with a hefty billion dollar fine in the EU, Prime Day breaks records around the world, and the CEO of Nest resigns amidst a company reshuffle.

All Hands on Tech – Canada’s first smart condo community

We tour Tridel's new Ten York condo tower development in downtown Toronto with Smart One Solutions, the firm that's deployed smart community technology that...

Voice-first experiences on Google Home, Amazon Alexa the next digital frontier for brands

The growth of the smart speakers market shows that voice-first interactions could be the next important digital channel for brands to consider.

Guide to complete mastery of your new Google Home unit

If you just bought Google Home, follow this guide to set it up with the most capability possible.

Google just cleared another hurdle to launching Google Home to the Canadian market

Now that it's compatible with Canadian French, Google Assistant might make its way to Canada on Google Home soon.

Google Home not available in Canada, but works like it is

Google Home still isn't officially available in Canada, but judging from our editor's experience, it works prety well anyway.

9 everyday products transformed by AI at CES 2017

If CES 2017 is any indication, it seems like the next logical step in the advancement of technology is to inject everything with a healthy dose of artificial intelligence (AI).

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