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Hashtag Trending Jun.30-U.S govt. buying citizens’ data on the open market; Writers launch a class action against OpenAI; Dutch govt. joins the US in...

Ah summer. Just the time to sit with a good book. Or maybe a podcast about a guy who has brought back book stores...

Chip industry urged to focus on sustainability

As cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturers ponder relocating more back-end assembly and testing onshore from the Asia/Pacific area, a new Deloitte analysis identifies sustainability as a critical industry problem.

U.S. proposes to safeguard $52 billion semiconductor funding from China

The U.S. Commerce Department has proposed new rules to prevent $52 billion in semiconductor manufacturing and research funding from being used by China and other countries of concern.

Global semiconductor chip spending drops 7 per cent in 2022, Gartner

According to a Gartner research, the top ten semiconductor buyers will cut chip spending by 7 per cent in 2022.

Apple adds new, faster M2 chips to Mac Mini and MacBook Pro

Today, Apple debuted the MacBook Pro and Mac Mini models with the new M2 Pro and M2 Max chips, in its traditional January launch...

CES 2023: AMD unveils new mobile and desktop processors

In a keynote speech yesterday, AMD chief executive officer Lisa Su kicked off CES with a number of announcements of new mobile and desktop...

Chinese newspaper, Global Times fumes at TSMC over new Arizona fab

The Chinese newspaper Global Times has slammed Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMCinvestment )’s in Arizona as a “dark turn” in the global semiconductor industry, accusing Washington of duping the world’s most advanced chip maker into establishing a wafer fab in the U.S.

Hashtag Trending Dec 5 – Startup promises flying car by 2025; U.S. group asks for more semiconductor funding; Amazon layoffs

A startup backed by a Tesla investor promises a flying car model, the U.S. federal semiconductor aid asks for more funding, and Amazon will...

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