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Lancope StealthWatch and the Cisco Secure Data Center

Data center operators are challenged with continually adjusting traffic-flow volumes and infrastructure to meet the needs and expectations of the business while complying with...

No one gets fired for banning IM

If you are not willing to accept some risk, you should probably get off the Internet and wind up operations. Why Windows shops should not be too worried about instant messaging

Employees aren

There's a wide gap between the number of IT professionals who say their company has a security policy and the number of regular staffers who know about it. That suggests organizations need to get the message out in more ways than they do now to ensure the company is secure

HP upgrades SOA products

The products are designed 'to bring SOA into the mainstream of what IT is doing,' according to a company representative

Big Blue’s ID management software gets upgrade

IBM says customers of Tivoli Identity Manager 5.0 will benefit from an estimated 50 per cent reduction in deployment time compared to previous releases

Spying on staff won’t protect privacy, expert says

Instead of spying on staff who snoop into private records while at work, organizations should adopt security measures that prevent staff breaching privacy laws, a Queensland University of Technology (QUT) privacy expert said today.

Getting serious about security

As chief security advisor and privacy compliance officer at Microsoft Canada, John Weigelt has his task cut out for him - to develop and communicate the company's security and privacy strategy. But for Weigelt, security is far more than a strategy; it's a mindset

Report hits fed security

The Canadian government doesn

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