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U.S. indicts four Chinese military members for 2017 Equifax breach

The U.S. Department of Justice has accused Chinese military personnel of hacking into the computer systems of Equifax, a credit reporting agency, in 2017.

Hashtag Trending – Holes in Equifax’s security practices and get ready for the iPhone X

New video presentation software that lets you turn yourself into an animated GIF. Equifax won’t reveal the cause of its record-breaking security breach. And...

Cloud computing and government security considerations

Developing and implementing security considerations remains one of the most difficult tasks that government IT people face. Here are three examples of governments and organizations who have been processing security considerations with regards to a move into cloud computing

Elbows in your ear, data in your pocket

MAILBAG A roundup of your recent comments on our stories and blogs about Elections Ontario

Treasury Board CIO: How to handle a security breach

Months after the federal government admitted its network had been compromised, members of the Information Systems Security Association's Ottawa chapter feature Paul Girard as a keynote speaker. Why you might need an "audible"

One in five Canuck firms report security violations

According to a new survey by CA Canada, enterprise data breaches caused by security attacks have doubled since 2006. Info-Tech

UK information commissioner warns about growing data losses

Official critical of government and private sector, saying they need to regain public's trust by being far more careful with personal information

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