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Protect your network in three free, easy steps

You could spend money on a security consultant--which isn't such a bad investment if helpful--but here are three free tricks to increase your network's security

Secure links offer new threat

The little lock icon that appears on a Web browser window frame when a secure connection exists between a browser and a Web server may be lulling users into a false sense of security

SMC debuts Barricade Turbo wireless router

SMC Networks Inc. today announced the release of its new Barricade Turbo 11/22Mbps Wireless Cable/DSL Router (model SMC2404WBR). The 802.11b-compliant router is platform independent and operates at speeds up to 22Mbps.

Corporate WAP users abandon data

Corporate users of WAP (wireless application protocol) phones use these data-transferring, Web-browsing devices just like an ordinary...

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