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Hashtag Trending Feb. 27th- Meta enters the AI battle; companies replace workers with ChatGPT; study reveals remote work paranoia

Facebook’s parent Meta enters the AI fight with a surprising one-two punch, companies are already replacing workers with ChatGPT and remote work paranoia.   It’s Hashtag...

Hashtag Trending Feb.23rd- The job that AI cannot replace; potential court ruling that could reshape the internet; supercomputer capabilities added to cars

A job that Artificial Intelligence can't replace.  A potential court ruling that could shake the foundations of the web as we know it.  And,...

Software developers are in high demand, according to ITWC’s Salary Calculator data

Another year comes to an end, which means another year’s worth of data to analyze. We pulled out data from the 2019 IT Salary...

Here are the highest-paying tech jobs in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver

Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver aren't just Canada's largest and well-known cities - they're its biggest tech hubs too. In fact, according to job search giant, they represent the locations of more than 50 per cent of Canada's tech opportunities - and with high demand comes high income.

Despite demand for talent, IT employee salaries rising at below-average rates: Hays

IT professionals might have some of the most in-demand careers in Canada, but that doesn't mean employers are treating them that way, according to...

Nadella gets $84 M pay package

Shareholders okay a "mega million" pay package for Satya Nadella

The vice that can squeeze IS departments

Executives want to trim the IT budget but the rest of the company always wants more spending. Here’s how a skillful CIO can respond

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