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A cloudbursting primer

Here's how cloudbursting can help you avoid extra investments in hardware, software and personnel as you scale your infrastructure to handle increased Web app deployment

Sun updates partitioning, replication in MySQL 5.1

The open source database may become a better competitor against Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server with features designed to ease adminstration and boost performance. Canadian users comment on the release

Australian department to switch from NetWare to Linux

As part of a core infrastructure refresh project, The New South Wales Department of State and Regional Development (DSRD) in Australia will ditch its legacy NetWare systems in favor of the open source Linux.

Oracle renews BerkeleyDB database software

Oracle Corp. released Version 4.5 of BerkeleyDB, the embedable database it acquired through the purchase of SleepyCat Software Inc. New features include multiversion concurrency control for databases often accessed by many users at once, the ability to install upgrades and patches in replicated BerkeleyDB environments without taking the database off-line and a prebuilt replication environment for easier deployment of high-availability systems.

SNW: Data security key to business continuity

Keeping data secure, tracking who uses it and managing it in a way that maintains backup windows and keeps information available to customers -- especially after an interruption in service or a disaster -- are among the top issues for IT executives, according to users who took part in a panel discussion yesterday at Storage Networking World.

Director of Research, IDC Storage Software service

Compared to hot areas like security or wireless, data backup and restore may have seemed like IT's forgotten child - until now. A perfect storm of disappearing back-up windows (thanks to enormous data growth and nonstop business operations), large-scale catastrophes, increased litigation requiring electronic data discovery and federal regulations governing data retention, has catapulted backup and recovery to IT's head table.

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