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Application characteristics where graph databases are superior

Relational databases are so entrenched and ubiquitous that we reflexively use them for new application requirements. However, graph databases are better for applications with...

Gartner: Relational open source databases come of age

The market research firm publishes a report that suggests OSRDBMSs have matured to the point where they can replace their commercial counterparts

Amazon, Microsoft upgrade cloud computing deals

Upfront payment reductions and extended support service are up for make the cloud vs. data centre argument more interesting as Microsoft and Amazon offer customers improved cloud computing deals

Getting a grip on XQuery

XML seems unstoppable. On the Web, this general-purpose document display language is rapidly replacing HTML. In the office, Microsoft Corp. and OpenOffice have both moved to XML document formats. Even the big database vendors are turning their databases into relational/XML hybrids. That latter effort should soon get a boost, as XQuery, the XML counterpart to the conventional SQL database language, is expected to be become an officially recommended standard of the World Wide Web Consortium.

XML storage has a niche

Of all the XML-based technologies available to us, the one that may be considered the most revolutionary may also be the most neglected. I'm talking about the native XML database.

XML storage has a niche

Talking ShopOf all the XML-based technologies available to us, the one that may be considered the most...

Getting to know ourselves

Last month, Dr. Edgar F. Codd passed away at the age of 71.


Bell Labs, the research division of Lucent Technologies Inc., announced two new tools aimed at strengthening user...

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