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Conficker: Was that it?

What did and didn

UDDI is Yellow Pages of Web services

The architecture of UDDI allows for public and private registries, with private registries accessible by business partners across an extranet and within an organization over an intranet.

First two new top-level domains become operational

The first two of the seven new top-level domains (TLD) approved for addition to the official Internet domain name system became operational Wednesday after the U.S. Department of Commerce gave the go-ahead for them to be activated.

New group formed for unofficial Internet TLD owners

A group of Internet top-level domain (TLD) holders have formed a nonprofit association to prevent what they fear will become a splintered Internet domain naming system.

New domains face an uncertain future

The problem with last month's decision by the organization that manages the Internet domain name system to...

ICANN picks seven new top-level domains

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) on Thursday selected seven new top-level domains for the Internet, in a long-anticipated bid to provide competition for the popular .com domain and to make more and specialized domain names available to corporations and individuals.

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