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A meaningless court win?

Early in the morning of July 4, NASA purposefully crashed an 820-pound chunk of metal into a comet at about 23,000 mph. The flight of the Deep Impact probe, which started in early January as the third part of a billion-dollar mission, was designed to see what makes up a comet.

co-founder, Red Hat Inc.

Proposed amendments to the Copyright Act, under Bill C-60, may be offering the music industry the "best of both worlds"

Proposed CD levy hits wrong note with IT professionals

While the Canadian music industry is singing its praises, the proposed levy on blank compact discs is giving some IT workers the blues.

We shouldn

The recording industry would have us believe that CD burners and MP3s are the spawn of Satan.

With the phenomenal growth of the Internet, buying, selling and trading music online was only a matter of time. Two outcomes should have come as no surprise.

Napster inks deal with major labels

Napster Inc. has signed a licensing deal with MusicNet, an online distributor of music that counts three of the major music labels among its backers, Napster announced Tuesday.

Napster’s D-Day approaches … again

Napster Inc. continues its struggle to filter out copyrighted music from its service as the company faces a deadline Monday to demonstrate to plaintiffs and a U.S. District Court that it is complying with a pretrial court injunction issued last week.

Napster will block access to some songs

In what some had predicted would be judgement day for music-sharing service Napster Inc., the company revealed a plan Friday that appears set to block its users from accessing more than one million digital music files from its service.

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