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Spotify unveils platform to create music apps

The company hopes that third-party applications will make its digital music streaming service more appealing and feature-rich

IBM adding dev, test offering to public cloud

The new service follows a private cloud version released last year. Availability in Canada and U.S. set for second quarter followed by global release later in 2010

Microsoft sets app development to-do list

Cloud, agile development, the Web, and others make Microsoft's investment priorities. A company exec asks the community to suggest other important development trends it should consider

New version of Groovy language warms up to Java, SQL

Version 1.7 of the programming language features a few old Java class tricks and some additions to ease the burden of working with SQL-based databases. Version 1.8 is already in the works


The year that loved smartphones, scripting languages, the cloud, and open source was not always kind to developers. Check out these winner and losers of 2009

Microsoft previews Rx for asynchronous programming

Reactive Extensions for .Net are featured on DevLabs site

IBM mainframe plan aims at next-gen developers

Two years ago Big Blue said it would be spending more than US$100 million to show customers how valuable their big iron boxes can be. A Gartner analyst sees skills shortage issues

What outsourcers can learn from open-source communities

A closer look at the open source community can reveal some indispensable lessons for enterprise organizations using outsourcing for their programming needs

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