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Hybrid cloud adoption to triple as on-prem and private cloud use slow  

Concerns over security and data protection remain as major hurdles to hybrid cloud adoption

5 must read cloud stories for March 20

Find out where to get a free enterprise-grade private cloud solution, learn abou tthe 10 biggest cloud misconceptions and more

Amazon takes over Go SDK project

AWS market share on a five-year high, Microsoft has strongest growth

Azure vs. AWS

Gartner assessed AWS and Azure on compute, storage networking, security, support levels and other criteria to find out which one is the top IaaS solution

Cloud and the IT ‘dinosaur’

OPINION New technologies don't die. We just call them something else

Study: Oracle users have big private cloud plans

Nearly half of respondents are either running, planning or considering some type of private cloud. But many deployments remain nascent, according to the IOUG study

SAP’s private cloud strategy to run on Vblock

The company announces its ERP package will run on the stack built by Cisco, EMC and VMWare. Apps players "have to start getting their ducks in a row" for the private cloud, says analyst China Martens

Security, SaaS and the Cloud is about the contract

Mixing these terms together can be a headache for enterprises. A panel of experts who

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