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Google monopolizes online advertising, U.S. alleges in antitrust lawsuit

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and eight U.S. states are suing Google for allegedly monopolizing online advertising. The complaint, filed Tuesday in Virginia, alleges...

Canada Competition Bureau to Probe Google Advertising

Canada's antitrust watchdog said in a statement on Friday that it had obtained a court order to continue its investigation into whether Google's online advertising business unfairly harms competition.

Google’s ad-blocking might be user-friendly, but it’s also unfair to publishers

Google is in the unique position of being both the most dominant platform for browsing the web and selling ads to that channel.

The Business Leadership Podcast: Jeff Goldenberg, chief strategy officer at Abacus

A client-side marketing veteran with 15 years in the industry, Jeff Goldenberg is a co-founder of Abacus, a digital agency specializing in performance Facebook ads.

Hashtag Trending – CCleaner and Vevo hacked, marketers hate Apple’s new ad blocking feature

A system maintenance app has been used to distribute malware. MTV’s digital offspring has had more than three terabytes of data stolen. And advertisers...

U.S. readers prefer banners to native ads: Survey

Some respondents said they felt "deceived" when they found out a brand paid for an article they read

Analysts speculate on Microsoft

With the Microsoft-Yahoo deal effectively dead, the focus has shifted to what Microsoft plans to do to keep viable in the online search and ad market. Some analysts believe the Redmond giant should stay the course, while others suggest partnerships and acquisitions.

Microsoft walks away from Yahoo

Three weeks after threatening a hostile takeover, Microsoft Corp. decides the Yahoo board

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