Articles Related to MapReduce

Google’s Jeff Dean on the benefits of large-scale deep learning for building intelligent systems

The Google Fellow, who helped design many of Google's biggest infrastructure projects, discusses the power of machine learning for enterprises

IBM’s Spark adoption heralds big data revamp

Big Blue has doubled down on analytics. An executive explains what it means, and where it leaves MapReduce users

The data scientist ‘bottleneck’

Strata Conference's Founding Chair, Edd Dumbill, talks about bridging the data and information gap

Hadoop, Cassandra to merge in DataStax distribution

The distribution, to be called Brisk, combines low-latency data storage and retrieval with the ability to do in-depth analysis of that data

CouchDB NoSQL database ready for production use

Newly released CouchDB 1.0 can run on Windows and features faster performance. It also now works on Microsoft Windows machines

Start-ups target Oracle, SQL with cloud-based data management

FathomDB and Cloudscale launched at DEMO Spring 2010 this week with more affordable alternatives to today

Twitter switches from MySQL to ‘NoSQL’ database

The company, which has seen daily tweets grow more than twenty-fold in the last year, hopes open source technology that is the Cassandra database can further boost Twitter

Top 10 emerging enterprise technologies

From whitelisting to a programming framework for distributed data processing, here are technologies shipping now but not yet widely adopted that will have the greatest impact in the enterprisern

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