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Hashtag Trending Feb. 17- ChatGPT vs Google, right to repair hits farming equipment and costly domain names with poor returns

ChatGPT wins the first round as most trusted AI bot against Google in score of 15 to 6, the right to repair movement hits...

Github acquires npm to aid JavaScript developers

The Microsoft-owned Github has announced that is has acquired npm, a company with a large registry of JavaScript packages. Nat Friedman, Github's chief executive officer, who made the announcement in a blog post, wrote that npm's place in the open-source space and their hefty registry of JavaScript packages was a key reason for the purchase.

Out of the silo, into the container – how developers will work in 2021

Lead analysts from IDC painted a picture of how developers will be working in 2021 at IDC Directions in Toronto.

Malicious JavaScript takes a break after an “explosive” quarter of growth for ransomware

Some back actors disappeared in mid-June, but cyber criminals stick with techniques that work as there is always someone who will click

Swift development sees fast uptake since being open sourced

Apple’s language was a huge step up from Objective-C, but a full-stack developer who can do both front end and back end well is still rare breed

JavaScript has gone bad, beating out macros as top choice for spreading malware and ransomware

Office files with nasty macros remain a pesky vector for threat actors, having become popular a couple of years ago, JavaScript has taken over in the past two months in terms of message volume

JavaScript founder dismisses Google Native Client

Brendan Eich says forthcoming ECMAScript 6 is sufficient and Native Client lacks necessary vendor support

JavaScript graduates to the server

Microsoft and others have already adopted this technology to extend JavaScript beyond the browser -- but it has limits developers must beware

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