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Technicity West: Innovative economies are built on four key pillars

Creating an innovative economy can only happen if four key pillars are adopted that will allow municipal growth to happen in new ways, the...

Enabling innovation through low-code development

The desire for today’s workplace to be digitally savvy and interconnected continues to be on the rise. Low-code development platforms are enabling a new wave of citizen developers to build digital workflows that solve key business problems.

How to make your non-profit more innovative

A study by Capital One Canada found that 59% of smaller local charities rated their use of technology as poor. The nonprofit sector is one of the slowest to have adopted technology. So how can nonprofits remain innovative as we move into 2021?

A CIOs ‘how to’ guide for business strategy

CIOs often feel too busy with running the day-to-day business to shape strategy, but it's crucial that they get in the habit.

From BYOD to BYOW: Bringing wearable devices to work

Wearables are not just accessories or gadgets for fashion or fitness, but they actually are productivity tools for getting work done. Glasses, watches and...

A CIO’s insights on Microsoft’s new “Lync” version called “Skype for Business”

The new Skype for Business Server has enhanced features, reliability and legacy interoperability.

Wisdom: Designers are servants

Designers must have knowledge of what the business can afford.

Cloud computing and its trends

Cloud computing in simple words is a type of computing in which all resources, information and applications are managed in a virtual hosted environment....

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