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Cloud control: Managing and monitoring service

San Francisco startup Tap In Systems has launched a deep-level monitoring service that integrates with external clouds and internal non-cloud systems. Enterprises get more control, including the ability to audit bills from cloud vendors. First of a two-part cloud management series

Verzion to launch LTE-based high-speed wireless network

Test service to start in two U.S. cities this year, with commercial service to begin in 2010. The move could erase what some had thought was the lead of wireless WiMAX technology

Better workflow, less coding

An integration hub built using services-oriented architecture shielded Hydro One's developers from complex coding for both new applications and legacy systems

Optical network group to look at 100G DWDM

A group is to work on setting standards for 100Gbps long-haul transmissions to complement efforts by the IEEE

ColdFusion 8 warms up to Microsoft .Net

Released on Wednesday for public beta testing, the server-side Java-based software product, ColdFusion 8, now features support for Microsoft .Net objects

Microsoft delivers biggest ever Hotmail upgrade

Microsoft Corp. has begun a months-long process of migrating users to this major upgrade of its Hotmail Web mail service. Windows Live Hotmail, dubbed as the biggest Hotmail upgrade since the Web mail service's debut in 1996, has been tested by about 20 million users since Microsoft first allowed people outside the company to try it out in mid-2005

The great afterthought: your broadband router

We all know the saying about the weakest link and recognize its inherent truth. In the great chain of technology that is our broadband service, we seldom think of our state-of-the-art routers as being that link, but perhaps we should.

Boost for desktop Linux as project ties tools

A community open-source effort known as the Portland Project gave the first look Tuesday at software tying together the two major Linux desktop environments, KDE and Gnome. The move should help speed the adoption of the open-source operating system on the desktop since developers won't have to choose between the two different interfaces and tools when writing applications.

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