Articles Related to intellectual property

Assess your SMB cybersecurity defences at warp-speed

Do you think cybersecurity is expensive and consumes too much staff time? Do you believe your organization is too small, low profile and inconsequential...

Huawei boosts R&D spend, hires more in Canada as U.S. tensions rise

Huawei announced that it is increasing its research and development efforts in Canada, adding 15 per cent to last year's $180 million (CAD) investment,...

Intellectual property may not make Canada-Europe pact

Reports say the controversial section may have to be left out if deal is to be finalized

Foxconn to pay Microsoft for Android devices it makes?

Foxconn is among the largest companies bagged by Microsoft in its campaign to force makers of Android devices to license its patents

Samsung faces antitrust charges from EC

The European Commission says Samsung abused its dominant position in the market by filing patent lawsuits against its rival Apple

OECD Internet policy angers civil liberty groups

The OECD represents 34 governments including European Union member states, the U.S., Canada, Australia, Mexico and Korea. Wednesday's communication focuses on copyright infringement and the measures ISPs could take to deter this

U.S. government to crack down on piracy

A new White House report says the U.S. government will pressure other countries on IP enforcement

Setback for SAP in Oracle suit

Oracle has won a battle regarding the way damages can be calculated in its intellectual property lawsuit against SAP, according to a ruling filed Jan. 28 in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. Oracle will be able to pursue damages based on 'hypothetical' software licenses.

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