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NZ gov

New Zealand needs to stop relying on its food industries, says a leading software executive in attacking a new government fund for innovation in agriculture and food science.

Lost Packets: Networking news and trivia

As more and more multi-media content makes its way onto mobile devices, so does the call for a ratings system to control the type of content that goes on them. The cell phone industry group, CTIA, has developed a two-tiered rating system that categorizes content offered by cellphone providers as either

Ontario budget fails IT: experts

At least one industry group says there

IT overlooked in Ontario budget, observers say

At least one industry group says there's little in Ontario's budget to help bolster the province's high-tech sector. Outside of health care and education, the budget, the first handed down by the Liberals since coming to power, is notable for its overall freeze on spending.

Why women lag men in high-tech

High-tech is a relatively young industry, one whose major growth spurts postdate the birth of the women's movement. So it might be reasonable to assume that the industry would escape some of the gender inequities that infect the management of industries that have been around for a century or two.

US presses China on disc piracy, trade issues

Rampant piracy of computer software and optical discs was one of several areas brought up in discussions this week between U.S. Secretary of Commerce Donald Evans and senior Chinese government officials during Evans' just concluded four-day visit to the country.

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