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Workforce data collection risks damaging employee trust: Accenture survey

In a typical day in the office in 2019, your employer might be collecting a lot of data about you. Perhaps you use a time...

SAP and IBM are just the ticket for the Toronto Transit Commission

The Toronto Transit Commission's (TTC) more than 15,000 employees can now access personalized HR experiences through a self-service portal, MyTTC, after the launch of...

A lesson in Human Capital Management

With 45,000 employees and 110 hotels in 47 countries, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts faced the challenge of attracting and retaining the top talent....

Workday focuses on machine learning to analyze business skills and trends

Las Vegas - Continuing to build on last year, software as a service (SaaS) vendor Workday Inc. has announced more machine learning and artificial intelligence...

David Ossip’s Ceridian — a Canadian success story

How a Canadian leader was acquired by a larger U.S. firm, became its CEO, and recently launched a successful IPO.

How TMX group steered its financial management cloud transition

TMX not only survived its HCM migration from on-premises to the cloud, its already reaping benefits and seeing big user adoption.

Ceridian let Dayforce acquisition supercharge its cloud-first approach

After Dayforce was acquired by larger software vendor Ceridian, it brought its leadership team and its cloud-first approach along with it.

The worst job you’ve ever had – #ITWCchats Twitter chat

Having a bad job is one of the most universal human experiences. Whether it’s unpleasant coworkers, insufferable managers, toxic environments or unsatisfying tasks, most people in the workforce have had to deal with negative situations that can either make or break their career.

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